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Apart from diet and workouts, sleep also plays an important role in burning fat. It is important to get your daily quota of 6 hours of sleep at a stretch daily.

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Body Fat CalculatorBody fat percentage is simply the percentage of fat your body contains. If you weigh 140 pounds and are 10% fat, it means that your body consists of 14 pounds fat and 126 pounds lean body mass (bone, muscle, organ tissue, blood,...)

A certain amount of fat is essential to bodily functions. Fat regulates body temperature, cushions and insulates organs and tissues and is the main form of the body's energy storage.

Measuring your body fat percentage calculates your TOTAL body fat which can be split into 2 categories:

  • Storage Fat - Fat deposited just under the skin or subcutaneous fat. For the average man 12% of bodyweight is storage fat and for the average woman 15% of bodyweight is storage fat.
  • Essential Body Fat - The amount of body fat required for the body to function normally and healthily. For women the average amount of essential fat is 12% of bodyweight and for men it is 3%.
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Body Fat Percentage
Age Up to 30 30-50 50+
Females 14-21% 15-23% 16-25%
Males 9-15% 11-17% 12-19%
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