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Ideal Body WeightIdeal Body Weight refers to the desired weight a person of a given height and body frame should have in order to be healthy. The ideal weight of a person is determined by his/ her gender, height and body frame.

Maintaining an ideal body weight, that is, a body weight just right for your height and body frame, is the key to living a healthy and disease free life. An ideal body weight reduces the chances of diseases like heart diseases, diabetes etc. There are various formula to calculate Ideal Body Weight. We use the Devine or Robinson formula.

  • Select your Gender and enter your Height (in inches)
  • Select the formula
  • Select "Calculate" and the ideal weight will appear below
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Help Devine formula published in 1974 by Dr. Devine was intended for use to calculate the dosage of certain medications such as gentamicin, digoxin and theophylline. After its publication, the formula became much more widely used and became the most commonly used formula. In 1983, Dr. Robinson published a modification of the Devine formula; this contemporary modification is still in use today to calculate the dosage of most medications.

It is suggested that you use the Devine formula if you are a man or use the Robinson formula if you are a woman.
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