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Kiwi fruits provide a complete diet for the body - rich in nutrients, vitamin, minerals, enzymes and fiber.

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AnaphylaxisAnaphylaxis (also called Allergy Shock) is a severe life-threatening allergic reaction which can prove fatal is not treated promptly. It occurs as a reaction to an allergen and occurs within seconds of exposure. Anaphylaxis releases various chemicals in the body which can cause the airway to tighten and lead to other symptoms. Common triggers are foods such as shellfish, fish, nuts, etc., medications, insect stings, latex, etc.


  • Reactions on the skin - hives, rash, itching
  • Flushed, warm skin
  • Impaired breathing - restricted airways
  • Abdominal cramps/pain
  • Spreading pain or tingling sensation
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting


  • Call emergency
  • Calm and reassure the casualty
  • Loosen clothing
  • Prevent shock - make the casualty lie down with legs raised. If breathing is impaired, make the casualty sit up.
  • Monitor the casualty till emergency medical help arrives


  • Avoid foods and medications that trigger the allergic reaction
  • People with known allergic reactions should carry a medical tag
  • If you have a history of allergic reactions, carry emergency medications prescribed by your doctor
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