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Drink More Water - the fluid helps keep the systems of your body working well, including your metabolic processes

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Animal Bites

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Animal BitesThe majority of animal bites are from domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. Cat bites can produce deep puncture wounds due to longer and sharper teeth which have a higher chance of infection. There is a risk of rabies when bitten by non-immunized pets or stray or wild animals.


  • Cuts in the skin with or without bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Puncture-type wound


  • Calm and reassure the casualty
  • For minor wounds - wash the area with soap and running water. Apply area with antibiotic cream and cover with sterile dressing.
  • For deep wounds - apply direct pressure on the wound with a clean, dry cloth until the bleeding stops. Raise the area of the bite.
  • Watch the area of the bite for signs of infection (increasing skin redness, swelling, and pain). If the area becomes infected, get medical help.
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