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Chemical Burns

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Chemical BurnsChemical burns occur when a chemical spills onto the body and generates a reaction that creates heat. A chemical burn may penetrate through the first layer of skin leading to a 2nd degree burn.


  • Irritation or burning
  • Redness of skin with or without blisters
  • Pain or numbness


  • Identify the chemical
  • While attending to the casualty, wear protective gear to avoid contact with the chemical
  • Douse the affected area with large amounts of water for more than 15 minutes to flush any residual chemical. Rewash for several more minutes, if necessary.
  • Remove clothing or jewellery that may be contaminated by the chemical
  • Cover the area (loosely) with a clean, dry cloth to prevent infection
  • Do NOT try to neutralise a chemical burn with another substance
  • Get medical help if the chemical burn occurs on the eye, face, groin, or over a major joint
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