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A balanced breakfast of milk for calcium; sprouts for proteins and fibre; apples or oranges for antioxidants and vitamins can keep the body going through the day

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FaintingFainting occurs when there is temporary decreased supply of blood to the brain. The inadequate supply of blood to the brain is momentary, thus a fainting spell is brief and the casualty usually regains consciousness soon.


  • Giddiness
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea


  • If a person feels faint, make the person sit down with his/her head between the knees
  • If a person has fainted, make him/her lie down on the back and elevate the feet
  • Loosen clothing/belts/collars to restore blood flow
  • Check the airway to ensure it is clear
  • Do NOT splash water on the casualty's face, instead gently wipe with a moist cloth
  • Once the casualty regains consciousness, to reduce the chance of fainting again, do not get the person up too quickly
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