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Take time to chew you food well before swallowing it. This helps to digest food better and also keeps you from overeating.

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Foreign Object In The Eye

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Foreign Object In The EyeCommonly it is a speck of dust, a loose eyelash, or even a contact lens that is floating on the white of the eye. In some cases, objects can stick to the eye or penetrate the eyeball.


  • Cut or bruise on eye
  • Pain in or around eye
  • Bloodshot eye
  • Dry or itchy eye
  • Tears developing in the eyes
  • Rapid blinking of the eyes
  • Inability to keep eye open
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Impaired vision


  • Wash hands with soap and water
  • Gently examine the eye - pull lower eyelid down and ask casualty to look upward or hold the upper eyelid while the casualty looks down
  • For a floating visible object, cause tears to form in eye to wash it out or flush it under running water or lift off with damp cloth
  • If the object is embedded in the eye, do NOT attempt to remove it. Cover the eye with a bandage or paper cup and bandage both eyes. Get medical help immediately.
  • Advise the casualty NOT to rub the eyes
  • Do NOT use any eye drops unless prescribed by the doctor
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