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Eating yogurt-based salads instead of fried snacks with alcohol helps - salads are a healthy option, and the yogurt prevents alcohol absorption into the system.

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Nose Bleed

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Nose BleedNose bleeds occur when a small vein in the lining of the nose bursts. Nose bleeds are common and can be treated at home. Some causes of nose bleeds are nose picking, dryness due to heat, blowing nose with force and injuries.


  • Bleeding from nostrils
  • Bleeding in back of throat
  • Gagging
  • Choking


  • Sit down and lean forward
  • Using the thumb and index finger pinch the soft part of the nose (between end of nose and the bridge of nose) and breathe through mouth
  • Release after for 10 minutes and hold again
  • Press cold cloth against nose
  • Once bleeding stops, place a cold cloth over face and nose and keep head higher than heart for a while longer
  • Get medical help if the bleeding lasts more than 20 minutes or if there is an injury
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