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Feeling stressed? List out the positive aspects of the situation – this will help lift your mood

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Emotional Health

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety attacks are normal as long as they just come and go and don't persist... more

How to Improve Your Happiness Quotient

Happiness is not something that you can achieve by popping in pills. It’s a... more

Go Stress-Free with these Relaxation Techniques

Most days of our lives are on the fast forward mode. We are all so consumed... more

Wonder Of Meditation

Assignments. Meetings. Deadlines. Kids' studies. Examinations. Drab and... more

Laughter The Best Medicine

What does it take you to have a hearty laugh? Sharing jokes with friends?... more

Dealing With Anger

Anger is a sudden emotional outburst which an outcome of frustration, mental... more


Anxiety is a psychological state that when it becomes excessive could play... more

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