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Black pepper is very effective in curing bacterial infections in mouth, colon, digestive system and urinary tract.

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Exercises to get your thighs in shape

If you've been trying to shed the fat off your thighs, you'd have probably... more

No-fuss, simple exercises when you wake up

On most days, when we roll out of our beds very reluctantly, the gym is... more

Your eyes need exercise too

You're probably amongst the lucky ones to have perfect vision, but it won't... more

Exercises for better bones

Bones don't become weak overnight. It's a gradual process that happens as age... more

Tai Chi - A Perfect Exercise

For those of you who want to spare yourselves from the arduous task of... more

How Yoga Helps in Coping with Diabetes

Yoga is an integrated form of therapy that combines meditation, gentle... more

The wonders of a morning walk

One of most beneficial exercises that is simple, undemanding and inexpensive... more

Work out when watching TV

For most of us, with our hectic schedules and packed-up-to-the-brim days,... more

Keep Your Heart Young

Most of us take our heart for granted even though we hear of frightening... more

Go Take a Walk

Walking is the best known exercise to man. It is also one of the simplest... more

Fun Ways to Keep Fit

Exercising doesn't necessarily mean 30 minutes of rigorous work out on the... more

Exercise Never Hurts

The word exercise, to many, conjures up images of strenuous work outs on the... more

Do's and Dont's of Fitness

Starting off on a fitness regime doesn't only mean being equipped with the... more

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a powerful and ancient form of exercise that has been practiced for... more

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