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Include beans in your daily diet to maintain/lose weight. The soluble fiber in beans slows down the rate of digestion, thus reducing frequent hunger pangs.

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Fix Yourself a Health Drink

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Fix Yourself a Health DrinkIt's a little tough to give up on your favourite fizzy drink. But have you given a thought to how many calories it packs in? A regular can of the world's most popular brand of soft drink contains 150 calories. To burn this alone, you will need an hour of intense work out! So imagine how hard you have to work on your weight loss program.

Here are some refreshing ideas that will keep your calories in check. Raise a toast to your life with these healthy substitutes and watch those unwanted pounds disappear!

Vegetable juice

Pick your favourite vegetable and make a tasty juice out of it. It provides you with all the important nutrients you need but with just half the calories. Veggies are also a rich source of fibre. They can make you feel full and curb your hunger.

Fruit juice

A swig of fruit juice blended with your favourite fruits is just the perfect thing to have when you're battling to slim down. It's not just low on calories, but can give you instant energy while also pumping you with vitamins and nutrients. But what's important is to make sure that there's no added sugar in your concoction. Also, a glass full of thick pulpy fruit juice with lots of pulp contains added fiber that can help you feel full and less hungry.

Green Tea

Green tea is an amazing drink with so many health benefits. It is packed with plenty of antioxidants, which means they can protect your body from several health problems. It can also help you burn calories, fast and quick. Research has shown that drinking a cup of green tea skyrockets your metabolism rate to 14% , from 8%, helping you burn fat that much faster.

Black Coffee

All you coffee lovers, celebrate! Though this addictive brew has its share of negative effects, it is now proved that coffee is indeed healthy. The high caffeine content is a great source of antioxidants that helps prevent cancer and diabetes. A cup of coffee in the morning, not only kick-starts your day and peps you up, but also speeds up your metabolism to burn fat. Drink your cuppa without the dairy creamer, the results are even better!

Fruit smoothie

A delicious fruit smoothie is so easy to whip up that it doesn't require any special cooking skills. Besides, it's delicious and packs in so much punch to give you so many benefits. You get your calcium and healthy fats from the milk or yogurt. Then, they're bursting with vitamins and fibres which ensure your health is in great shape. And the antioxidants (depending on the fruits you use) improve your defense mechanism. Not to mention the carbohydrates that give you instant energy! But beware, not to add sugar, whipped cream, honey or any other sweeteners that can shoot up your calorie count.

Ice Water

There's nothing like classic ol' ice water to give your weight loss program a boost. It contains zilch calories, and spurs up your metabolism rate! Believe it or not, ice water is an amazing drink and is the best way to reduce fat.

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