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Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C. They help in fighting some forms of cancer and in controlling bad cholesterol.

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Dealing with Anger

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Dealing with AngerAnger is a sudden emotional outburst which an outcome of frustration, mental pain, rejection or hostile treatment. Though it is a natural, healthy normal reaction, getting angry once in a way is acceptable and harmless. But prolonged anger and hot headedness can harm our well-being and even result in serious health hazards. But that's not all, it can even strain relationships and prove to be disastrous. Which is why it is important to be tolerant and learn how to control anger.

Take charge of your anger

Aggression and rage can be hard to deal with unless you learn to take charge of yourself and confront it with calm, stable mind. An analysis of what triggered the outburst and getting to the bottom of it can help. Whether your action was justified and you had the right to react that way? Or did you overreact? Only you are the best judge of your actions.

Taking charge of your anger means expressing yourself emotions positively.

Ways to keep your cool when anger strikes

Try and stay calm and relax. You could try following techniques to help you relax.

  • Take slow deep breaths - consistent deep breathing helps the body relax
  • Close your eyes and repeat a calming word, such as "I am in control of my feelings"
  • Tighten your muscles then relax them. Notice the difference.
  • Take some time out. A breath of fresh air and some open space can do wonders to cool your nerves.
  • Walking a great way to release your anger
  • Close your eyes and think about a person, place, or thing that makes you feel calm
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