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Walk for 30 to 45 minutes daily … it helps improve blood circulation and regularizes the heart beat.

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How to Improve Your Happiness Quotient

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How to Improve Your Happiness QuotientHappiness is not something that you can achieve by popping in pills. It's a state of the mind and only you can work towards it to bring more joy into your life. Your actions, your attitude and your outlook to life can bring a sea change of emotions and make your day-to-day living less stressful and happy. Here are some ways you can make your life more cheerful, and welcome everyday with a spring in your step and a song on your lips.

Stay away from people who you don't like:
Friends or acquaintances who you aren't exactly comfortable with are total mood spoilers. Since they make you squirm in your seat and send anger signals down your spine, it best you stay miles away from them.

It will only improve your happiness quotient. Laughing not only helps you release your pent up negative emotions but is also good for you and the people around you.

Take a walk:
Nothing can be more therapeutic than walking to fend off the blues. Take a stroll in the park and savour nature at your own pace. Research has proved time and again that walking lifts your mood and improves heart health to add years to your life.

Pamper yourself:
Make time for yourself and treat yourself to something you love. Curl yourself in bed and read a book or bite into your favourite bar of chocolate. If you love getting a massage, drop everything you're doing and head straight to the parlour.

Sleep well:
The magic recipe for happiness, researchers say, is six hours and twenty minutes of night sleep. A study in which experts examined the lifestyles of adults and asked them to rate their happiness on a scale of one to five, revealed that the six-hour sleepers ranked highest.

Count your blessings:
We often forget to see the positive things in our life. This only leads to more discontentment and unhappiness. We have so many things to cherish and be happy about. So reflect on these things and be grateful and life is guaranteed to be a happy ride all along.

Turn on the Music:
A great way to switch off from your sad mood and turn onto happy mood is to listen to your favourite upbeat numbers. Studies have found that listening to music activates reward centers of the brain, releasing dopamine, and giving you the same amount of happiness that you would get from a piece of chocolate or sex.

Indulge in a hot shower:
Stand under the shower and allow the hot jet of water to massage your tired nerves. You'll come out not only feeling refreshed but a lot happier and relaxed.

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