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Get More Sleep - lack of sleep changes your hormone levels and capacity to metabolize carbohydrates so less sleep = slower metabolism

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Easy Ways To Burn Body Fat

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Easy Ways To Burn Body FatIt's a great challenge to lose weight and another upheaval task to banish the stubborn fat and flab. Sometimes even if you've been committed and stuck to your diet, you would have been successful only in dropping off the pounds, and the flab doesn't seem to have disappeared at all! So does that mean you starve yourself till the fat starts to melt down? What's the solution? Here are some easy ways to fight the fat.

Stay well hydrated
Drink plenty of water all day long. Besides, flushing out the harmful toxins, it will control your hunger pangs so you won't feel like munching frequently. Water also ensures that you're well hydrated while maintaining your energy levels. It also helps in increasing the metabolism which makes it hard for the body to accumulate fat.

Be absolutely strict with your diet
and prepare your mind for it. So determination and will power plays a very important role here. Keep off refined carbs, fried foods, alcohol and sugars and load yourself with high-quality proteins and carbs. Reach out for Nuts, veggies, high fibre food and make healthy oils like virgin olive oil an important part of your diet.

Get into the habit of doing intense cardio-vascular exercises
for at least 20-30 minutes and minimum 4-5 times a week. It is no secret that working out is the best solution to burn calories. But none of it will work or have effect unless you're consistent with your work outs and adapt healthy eating habits that would melt the calories.

Say no to diet
Losing calories is not about starving or eating less, it's about feeding yourself and keeping your stomach full. Confused? Depriving your stomach will dip your metabolism rate.

Do not skimp on breakfast
Remember it's the first meal of the day and is vital to kick start your metabolism. People who skip their breakfast are 4 1/2 times more likely to be overweight. So there, you don't have to feel guilty about having a feast in the morning.

Stock up on Iron - Rich Foods
Iron is a vital mineral that carries the oxygen your muscles need to burn fat. Deficiency in iron could bring down your energy levels eventually resulting in a sluggish metabolism.

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