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Apart from diet and workouts, sleep also plays an important role in burning fat. It is important to get your daily quota of 6 hours of sleep at a stretch daily.

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Health is one of the most important things we need to consider for us and our families. In this section you will find articles on topics of interest to you including healthy eating, fitness, wellness, and weight loss. We will be constantly offering you articles on fitness, diet & nutrition, healthy eating, and more.


Exercise Never Hurts

Exercise Never Hurts

The word exercise, to many, conjures up images of strenuous work outs on the... more

Keep Your Heart Young

Keep Your Heart Young

Most of us take our heart for granted even though we hear of frightening... more

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Diet & Nutrition

The Indian Borage

The Indian Borage

The Indian Borage is a herb with beautiful sculpted leaves. It is commonly... more

Turmeric  -  its more than just a spice!

Turmeric - its more than just a spice!

The rich golden yellow spice which finds an important place on the shelves of... more

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Weight Loss

Foods That Suppress Appetite

Foods That Suppress Appetite

It seems like that your favourite foods catch your eye only when you ought... more

Diet Myths

Diet Myths

Sometimes even after a stringent diet routine which you've followed so... more

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Emotional Health

Go Stress-Free with these Relaxation Techniques

Go Stress-Free with these Relaxation Techniques

Most days of our lives are on the fast forward mode. We are all so consumed... more

Laughter The Best Medicine

Laughter The Best Medicine

What does it take you to have a hearty laugh? Sharing jokes with friends?... more

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Ask A Doctor

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