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Aloe vera is beneficial for skin problems. It also has natural detoxifying powers that ease constipation and cleanse the bowel.

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Health On Wheels

Health On WheelsThree critical and common ailments among Indians are hypertension leading to cardiac problems, diabetes and stroke. If left undiagnosed, all 3 can prove fatal. Medall helps bring more people under the diagnostic net for these 3 conditions, with its unique “Health on Wheels” model. All the equipment required to diagnose the above problems are installed in a bus that travels the length and breadth of the state and provides diagnostic services.

Health On WheelsThe Health on Wheels bus is an initiative to ensure that people who cannot come to our centers for their diagnostic needs can avail the same quality services at their doorstep. The mobile center is an air-conditioned bus with its own power generator. With various sections like the reception area, Doctor’s consulting area, Blood collection area, Ultrasound and ECG zone and the X-Ray zone. All these facilities give the customer a complete range of services needed for a Master Health Checkup. These services can be rendered to factories/ Corporates / IT companies at their premises, so people can take care of their health, without leaving their workplace.

Health On WheelsMedall also organizes camps in residential localities to increase awareness about common health issues. For people away from main urban areas, we offer our services through tie ups with local hospitals/small clinics and through our tele-radiology capabilities.

With advanced teleradiology and telemedicine concepts, we are able to deliver reports to people’s homes.

Unable to come to our diagnostic centers? Have a group of people requiring diagnostic services? Get in touch with us for our Health on Wheels service.

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