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Aloe vera is beneficial for skin problems. It also has natural detoxifying powers that ease constipation and cleanse the bowel.

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Blood Culture And Sensitivity

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A blood culture is a test to find an infection in the blood. The blood does not normally have any bacteria or fungi in it. A blood culture can show what bacteria or fungi are in the blood.A bacterial infection in the blood, called bacteremia, can be serious because the blood can spread the bacteria to any part of the body. A blood infection most often occurs with other serious infections, such as those affecting the lungs, kidneys, bowel, gallbladder, or heart valves.

Purpose of test

This test is done to detect entric and non-entric form of organisms present in the given blood sample .

Test Result Interpretation

Growth or No Growth with sensitivity pattern


Blood sample

Turnaround time

1 week

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