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Coconut water is a great moisturizer which can keep your skin looking young, healthy and glowing while also decreasing the oil on the skin.

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Body Composition Analysis

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Body Composition Analysis
Body composition analysis is a physical test that measures the proportion of the various components of a person's body. The human body is comprised of water, protein, fat, and minerals - but for most purposes, it is the level of fat compared to lean mass that is of interest. In general, most body composition analysis tests measure the ratio of fat to lean tissue.

Why it is done?

To find

  • How healthy are you?
  • Are you within a lean, healthy range for your age and gender?
  • Do you need to alter your lifestyle to increase your lean tissue percentage?
  • Are you consuming too much or too little food and drinks?
  • What targets do you need to work towards for a healthier body?

They give you information about

  • lean tissue mass
  • lean tissue percentage
  • body fat kg
  • body fat %
  • hydration levels

How to Prepare for Body Composition Analysis

  • No exercise for 12 hours before test
  • No alcohol, coffee, tea, or fizzy drinks 24 hours prior to testing
  • No food for at least 3 hours before test
  • Maintain hydration: consume approximately 150mls of water per hour from waking but do not consume large volume of water to make up deficit prior to testing
  • Females should be in middle of menstrual cycle
  • Wear comfortable clothing
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